Wholesale jewellery refers to jewellery that is sold at wholesale prices from a distributor. There are distinctions that can be made when the term is applied. It may be used in reference to wholesale retailers or wholesale suppliers. Wholesale retailers will generally sell jewellery that is bought in modest sizes at discounted prices that are almost similar to wholesale prices. Wholesale suppliers or true wholesalers will sell large quantities of jewellery to retailers, commercial re-sellers or other wholesalers. There are many websites devoted to the sale of wholesale jewellery. Some may be used by individuals who are not retailers or re-sellers or jewellery. These will more than likely be wholesale retailer sites that offer comparatively good discounts when buying larger orders. Whatever your particular need are, the resources available online are enormous and worth a try. It allows you the convenience of shopping around at one single location; at home or in an office if the jewellery acquired is for resale. There are some general guidelines that should be followed that will assist you in making the best decisions when buying bulk wholesale jewellery.

A Few Guidelines and Tips

If you are purchasing jewellery for resale you should observe some general guidelines. Since the jewellery bought will be an investment, it is important that you proceed with caution and a clear understanding of what it is that you wish to gain from the endeavour. To maximize your profits it is vital that you make a conscious effort to apply good business sense and scrutiny to any transaction that you will make. These guidelines represent a fraction of what you should do to make the best decisions during the overall process of buying wholesale jewellery.

  • Before you buy wholesale jewellery for re-sale you will need to be registered as a licensed retailer or distributor. Any wholesaler that offers services to business users will require you to have a Tax Identification Number and a reseller’s permit. Some wholesalers may take either depending on their own policies.
  • To avoid being scammed it is important to ensure that the wholesaler is legitimate. Legitimate wholesalers like any other established businesses should be licensed to carry out their function. This type of transaction is not totally devoid of fraudulent activity therefore you should always be cautious when acquiring goods through this route.
  • Though you will be trying to make a profit you will need to focus as much on quality as you will affordability. Buying cheap, low-grade jewellery will only result in reduced profit and customer dissatisfaction. If your customers are unable to put some trust in the products that you are selling you will not gain repeat business or referrals from these customers. Therefore a balance must be established between affordability and quality.
  • Buy a large variety of styles. You will need to buy a range of styles that can suit a wide cross-section of customers. Limiting your inventory will limit the number of interested customers. You should establish what type of jewellery you wish to specialize in from the initial stages of creating a business plan. Will you sell trendy fashion or costume jewellery or will you prefer to sell more classic styles that are genuine and made of the finest materials? It is possible to specialize in all kinds of jewellery though this may possibly stretch your budget to the point that you may have to exclude a variety of styles in one category of jewellery that is being sold.
  • You should always do some amount of background research on the distributor you will be making your large purchases from. Though a wholesaler may indeed be legitimate there are many things that can affect its overall effectiveness. Will the wholesaler ship on time? Will it give me exactly what I am looking for? Will it deliver the order in good condition? Does it have a track record of success? Are all important questions to ask yourself when buying wholesale jewellery. You may appease yourself by confirming or dispelling any misgivings you may have about the wholesaler(s) of choice by reading previous client reviews. A few may be found on their websites however, it is important to check external websites that offer reviews on some of the leading wholesalers. The best possible reviews will come from other retailers who depend on the wholesaler’s consistency when engaging in this type of transaction.
  • It is also necessary to do some research into what trends and fashions are currently in style to have the greatest advantage when selling your product. You can consult online magazines or regular hard copies of magazines to see what is fashionable now. This will be particularly favourable if you are buying fashion or costume jewellery as these types of jewellery will be seasonal. This means your success with moving the product will depend on your ability to provide what is considered trendy. You may also do additional research by visiting online and conventional stores that provide jewellery to get a better idea of what styles are in season. If you will specialize in gold and silver you will be fortunate enough to be able to buy most of these items without having too much concern over current trends. The beauty with genuine jewellery is that they will maintain their value based on the quality and to an extent style. It is perhaps best to buy larger quantities of genuine jewellery that are elegant yet simple. Excessively stylistic or more gaudy pieces do not have to be bought in extremely large quantities if you are trying to target a larger cross-section of customers.

Types of Jewellery Available

There are many different types of jewellery that are available for purchase. These may be composed of a variety of gems, precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver, or from manmade elements. They can be categorized as genuine or fake jewellery. The latter tends to be impermanent pieces that will not last a lifetime. There is also body jewellery, which is  attached to the body. You should have some knowledge on the types of jewellery you wish to specialize in for resale. This will be to your benefit as it makes it easier to prompt your customer to purchase, when you have satisfactory knowledge of the product.

Fake or Non-genuine Jewellery

Fashion Jewellery or Costume Jewellery as the name suggests are pieces that are designed to emulate the latest fashions. They will likely be more stylish than their genuine counterparts and will be worn for the period in which the trend lasts. They are normally made out of inexpensive materials that will not withstand much exposure to water. They may also be composed of a wide assortment of beads and other accessories to make them look more stylish.

There are some types of fashion jewellery that may be more expensive than others. These will include those that may have some amount of gold or silver plating to increase durability. These types will look more similar to regular silver or gold jewellery because they are fashioned to emulate them. There are others that will resemble gems such as diamonds and pearls. In fact many people who wear pearls often resort to fashion jewellery because of how indistinguishable it will look from real pearls.

There are other pieces of fashion jewellery that are considered designer jewellery. These will be slightly more expensive and perhaps more sought after by trendsetters. The available styles of costume jewellery are vast making it an ideal choice if you wish to offer a wide selection of jewellery.

Genuine Jewellery


Gold is a lustrous, yellow coloured precious metal that is used extensively in jewellery making. It is an ideal piece of jewellery to buy because it will maintain its sheen and durability for more than any single lifetime. It is graded by its Karat value which will determine the quality of the gold. The higher the Karat value the more gold content is found in the jewellery. The highest Karat value is 24K but that cannot be sold in jewellery as it will not retain the right properties for jewellery making. When you buy any item made out of gold it will be composed of another metal or more accurately a base alloy to make it less malleable. In most instances the base alloy will be copper. The distinct colour the jewellery has may be affected by the base alloy, hence why gold may be deemed white gold, red gold, yellow green gold etc. The most commonly seen Karat values are 10K, 14K and 22K gold. Some products may mislead a customer by identifying the jewellery as being real gold; however, it may be fake. As previously described costume jewellery is able to emulate real jewellery. In doing this, bits of gold plating may be used to cover the jewellery and give it a golden finish. There are some dealers who will carry these items with the Karat value inscribed on the surface even though it is not genuine gold. For example: if a piece of jewellery is plated with 14K gold this may be imprinted on the piece of jewellery.


Silver is a type of precious metal which is far less expensive than gold. It will have to be cleaned often to maintain its finish as it will be discoloured the more it is exposed to air. It will be designated as genuine by the classification sterling silver. Silver plated, refers to jewellery that is composed of another metal, like brass which is covered with silver. This should not be confused with sterling silver. Some dealers may sell these silver looking pieces as real silver despite the clear distinction. Many people opt to purchase silver because it is more affordable than gold and can almost be as lustrous if it is cleaned regularly. It is one of the most widely sold types of jewellery on the market. It is therefore advisable that a retailer who specializes in any kind of jewellery buy silver to have a competitive advantage.


Platinum is a silvery-white, lustrous and malleable metal that is used to make fine jewellery. The price of platinum fluctuates according to many external marketing forces. It looks similar to silver but does not tarnish as easily. It will react with some chemicals unfavourably but it is still considered more valuable than gold and silver jewellery. It can be mistaken for silver because of their similar appearances. Since its high value, it is generally a preferred choice of more affluent individuals. However, it is not the norm to find many sources of platinum from most regular wholesale distributors.


Pearls are gemstones that are derived from shell fish. They are lustrous ball like objects that have been in use as a fashionable item for centuries. The price of the pearl will depend on its quality, sheen, lack of faults to its surface, colour, symmetry and most importantly size. Pearls can be found in eight basic shapes round, semi-round, button, drop, pear, oval, baroque, and circled. A perfectly round pearl is rare and thus sells for a very high value. Pearl jewellery can be worn quite exquisitely and is typically reserved for more formal occasions.


Other types of genuine jewellery will include gemstones such as diamonds, amethyst, amber, emerald, jade, jasper, quartz, sapphire, turquoise and ruby. Diamonds are perhaps the most sought after gemstones and will be valued based on the cut, colour and size. It is a favourite gemstone for wedding bands and engagement rings. Other gemstones are widely used in the manufacturing of pendants, rings and earrings with very alluring results.

Websites Devoted To Wholesale Jewellery

There are many websites online that can fulfil your wholesale jewellery needs. Since many of these sites are presently active you may be able to shop around with ease and extensively before making a purchasing decision. A few of these websites are listed below with an overview of what they have to offer.


  • This website specializes in both the ordinary sale of jewellery and wholesale jewellery.
  • They are a “leading handmade jewellery manufacturer” that operates out of China.
  • They provide “automatic track after service” which is essentially a follow up for their customers who have made recent purchases.
  • They offer a very wide selection of hand crafted jewellery that may suit any occasion.
  • They offer business users very competitive discounts because they have cut out the middleman.
  • You will only be required to register but all information is said to be kept confidential.
  • Delivery takes 2-4 working days on average.
  • They have different sections that include hot sales, pearl jewellery, gemstone jewellery, turquoise jewellery, shell jewellery, Austrian jewellery, and acrylic jewellery. They also provide an FAQ or frequently asked questions to address the most important questions and concerns you may have. They also offer live support.
  • The site has a nice user interface that shows you exactly what you are ordering. There are several pictures of the specified piece or pieces available.
  • You do not have to buy very large quantities of jewellery so the website may be used by regular customers who wish to purchase a few items of jewellery that meet the websites required minimum purchase amount.


  • They offer discount jewellery from China.
  • They specialize in wholesale jewellery, discount fashion jewellery which includes cheap jewellery and handmade jewellery.
  • They sell a large variety of necklaces, beads, earrings and much more.
  • You can create an account with them and begin your shopping experience within minutes.
  • The website offers a picture and description of each advertised item.
  • They offer over 10,000 styles and have been in business for 10 years.
  • The minimum amount that can be bought is $100USD worth.
  • Shipping costs will be calculated based on weight of the items being purchased.


  • This website specializes in wholesale steel jewellery.
  • There is a wide selection of steel jewellery; however, you will not find other kinds of jewellery on this site.
  • They have a FAQ section or frequently asked question section to address the typical concerns most customers will have.


  • They offer a wide collection of wholesale fashion and costume jewellery.
  • The minimum purchase amount is $150.00 USD.
  • They have special sales and bargains available.
  • Their stock is replenished monthly.


  • They offer elegant wholesale jewellery. They specialize in sterling silver jewellery that is both exquisite and fashionable.
  • Their selection is up to date on “global trends and proven best selling styles”.
  • To find out about their special requirements they will request that you join their website.


  • They offer “wholesale sterling silver jewellery, body piercing, fashion costume jewellery, sarong wrap with contemporary styles and low prices.”
  • This website targets resellers and therefore will not be ideal for people buying for personal use.
  • Their products “include rings, toe rings, earring, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, semi precious stones jewellery accessories, watches, beaded bracelets and necklaces and much more”
  • Their warehouse stocks “hundreds of trendy designs of jewellery, watches and gifts items.”


  • They offer a wide selection of wholesale jewellery: “We carry Fashion Jewellery for everyone in stock and ready to ship. Our Wholesale Jewellery and Wholesale Fashion Accessories are cheap cheerful and great value for money.”
  • The jewellery originates from South East Asia.sell at competitive prices and can be used by anyone including the ordinary shopper.
  • When ordering in bulk they recommend that you contact them for further details.


  • This site is dedicated to selling wholesale items in general.
  • They also specialize in the sale of wholesale jewellery.
  • They have the latest trends that are current; you will only need to check their website thoroughly to see the wide selection available.


  • They offer wholesale jewellery.
  • You can see customer reviews as soon as you enter their website.
  • They are said to offer “more than 100 thousand high-quality fashion jewellery all at wholesale prices.”
  • They also offer fast shipping.
  • You do not need to register to order wholesale quantities.
  • You can purchase a minimum of 100 USD per order.
  • They use DHL, DSL and UPS for more reliable shipments.
  • They have a safe shopping guarantee that protects you while you shop.
  • The items are all exempt from any sales tax.


  • The owner of the website offers you personal assistance and a telephone number for direct contact.The owner believes first of all in quality.
  • He attests to a standard of obtaining his jewellery from the best wholesale distributors available.
  • A large selection of sterling silver jewellery can be found.
  • Shipping rates start from $2.99 and $13.00 USD to international destinations.


  • They are located in Bangkok Thailand.
  • They manufacture, distribute and export wholesale jewellery.
  • They also specialize in silver and stainless steel jewellery.
  • They make this declaration: “The professional jewellery designers and staff of ACHA Co. will help you find or create everything from silver body piercing jewellery to gold body jewellery, tungsten jewellery to titanium body jewellery.”
  • The content of their jewellery selection includes: 316L stainless steel bulk body jewellery, gold, silver, niobium, pyrex, glass, carbon fibre, UV and glow in the dark acrylic, wood, leather, rubber, swarovski crystals, and CZ – cubic zirconium.


  • They are one of the largest wholesale accessory companies in the world.
  • They have a selection of over 1000 items and styles.
  • They are said to “carry necklaces, bracelets, teen accessories, hair accessories, sunglasses, reading glasses and more.”
  • When you have ordered all you wish to order they will calculate your shipping cost.
  • They have an email address in place for customers who wish to get in direct contact with them.


  • They operate their business out of Hong Kong and they have been operating for over 30 years.
  • They have a branch of their wholesale silver distribution company in Chicago so this is advantageous if you are a resident of the United States.
  • Their wholesale silver jewellery is made out of 925 sterling silver.
  • Most items are hand crafted to increase their overall uniqueness and charm.
  • They will give you the option to personalize the jewellery that you receive by manufacturing the jewellery to your specifications at an agreed upon cost.
  • They offer some very useful tips on how to protect your silver jewellery and have it keep its lustre.
  • Silver is generally in vogue and this could be a great reason for you to buy silver jewellery for resale.
  • They have a 30 day return policy which will allow you to see if the item is satisfactory. You may be refunded the full purchase amount or exchange the item for something else.